Do You Want to Know About Brad Hoss? Brad Hoss’ Wiki, Biography, Sizzling Chemistry with Stephanie Beatriz, Filmography and Much More

Brad Hoss is a famous actor, cinematographer, and marketing director. He is a well-known name in Hollywood and he is the master behind many popular projects in Hollywood. He worked as an actor in his early career but later he changed his decision and currently, he is working in the direction department of Hollywood. His debut was a small role in the movie My Summer Story in 1994.

A very active person with a positive attitude towards his career. The acting was not lucky for him but direction and marketing went the best way in his favor. He gathers fans from around the world who admire him a lot. He is best known for his multi-talented and smart personality. In a very short acting career, he has got a huge fan following. He is more of a business minded person.

Birth and Life Details of Brad Hoss:

Brad’s birthplace is Mentor, Ohio, USA. His birth date is 22nd January 1982. His birth name is Bradley Jason Boehlefeld. Now, he is settled with his wife, Stephanie Beatriz, in Sherman Oaks, California.

Educational Background:

Not much is known about the educational background of Brad Hoss.

Popular Projects by Brad Hoss:

Brad Hoss is famous for some blockbuster movies like Hyenas (2011), Telling Lies in America (1997), See You on the Other Side (2010), and The Joy of Painting from Home with Stephanie Beatriz (2020). His girlfriend and now his respected wife, Stephanie Beatriz is also a famous personality in the USA.


He did not work in many films but the ones he worked in had some impactful roles.

  1. My Summer Story (1994)
  2. Telling Lies in America (1997)
  3. Hyenas (2011)
  4. See You on the Other Side (2010)
  5. The Joy of Painting from Home with Stephanie Beatriz (2020)

Working as a Marketing Director:

Brad Hoss now works as a director in marketing at Super Evil Genius Corp. This was his second step, the first was acting which did not work for Brad.

How is Stephanie Beatriz Related to Brad Hoss?

Brad Hoss has been living a happy married life since October 2018 with his beautiful wife Stephanie Beatriz. Their engagement took place in 2017. She is a famous actress and an intelligent director. She got popular because of some blockbuster series and movies such as; The Modern Family, Encanto, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, In The Heights, Twisted Meal, Catwoman: Hunted, Jessie, Hello Ladies, and many more. She married Brad Hoss and now she is quite happy with her decision. They also have a daughter named Rosaline; who was born in the previous year 2023.

Is Brad Hoss’ Wife Expecting?

This was one of the most searched questions in 2024. Yes, she was expecting in 2024, and in the last months of the year, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they named Rosaline. Rosaline was inspired by one of the roles of Stephanie Beatriz. One of Stephanie’s best friends Beth was shocked when she heard the name of the baby girl and posted on Instagram, asking if really the name was inspired from the character of Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-nine played by Stephanie.

Famous Wedding Video:

Stephanie and Brad recorded their entire wedding by the media and paparazzi. This was one of the most-watched video of that year. This video was shot from the preparation to end of the wedding and it was so adorable. This video comes with the title, “The Beatriz Hoss Wedding” on YouTube. The link in given below if you are interested to watch the full video:

Physical Appearance of Brad Hoss:

  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (1.80m)
  • Weight: His weight is 85kg.
  • Eye Color: Brown Color
  • Dressing Sense: Brad’s dressing sense is praise worthy.
  • Amazing Personality
  • Passion towards his work

He has a lean body shape and has a bald appearance. He was a big green flag for acting because of his looks and personality but that did not work for him. His physiques were made for amazing roles but direction was his fate. His wife also has tall height but he matches well with her height.


This was a brief discussion about the famous actor and director Brad Hoss. We have discussed his early life, education, wiki, biography, personal life, filmography, physical appearance, achievements, marriage, children, and much more. These interesting facts can let you know more about Brad Hoss by only giving a single read to our content. Brad Hoss and his wife both are very popular. They both have gained fame and earned a lot of money in a very short span of time. It is because both are committed to their dream jobs. They have a passion to show the world something new. All the movies and even their wedding video’s link is mentioned above if you want to watch this adorable couple on their wedding day.